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Fiona K.
"after a shower leaked in our upstairs bathroom, we needed immediate assistance. NI Loss Assessor was at hand and really helped us with our claim and also found a plumber to sort out the mess straight away! I am so glad I contacted them, they really know what they are doing. Our claim was all sorted and settled within 3 weeks."

George L.
"A great company to deal with. I thought it was one of the best examples of professionalism that should be highly commended. At no time was I pressurised by my insurance company, thanks largely to NI Loss Assessors. Carry on the good work, and thank you for helping me in my time of need."

Paul S.
"The claim I had was very complex and involved several insurance companies. It was a nightmare until I contacted NI Loss Assessor team. They really got involved and sorted out the mess for me. I have no idea how on earth I would have gone through the process without making several mistakes that were happily avoided. My advice to anyone,m is don't even think about going it alone, get an expert!"

John S.
"From the time we met our NI Loss Assessor, it was a positive experience. As negotiations went on regarding our claim, it became apparent that we may face a lengthy settlement time frame and the insurance company decided to offer us a cash settlement. We were very fortunate to have our expert advising us and received a very healthy cash settlement thanks to the efforts and advice from NI Loss Assessor"

Peter D.
"I was terrified of the process involved in making a claim when we had a domestic fire in our house. I was given NI Loss Assessor as a useful number and so I contact them. It was the best thing I have ever done, there was no further stress involved, they came straight over and began the process that day! The outcome was sorted in a very short space of time and we are very happy with their service. "

Gerald H.
"A very good company, to deal with. Swift approach to my situation, which I appreciated very much. I was astonished at the amount they were able to negotiate on my behalf, I always though I was a tough negotiator, but I learned a thing or two when I saw the NI Loss Assessor at work. A pleasure to deal with."

Belfast Business Person
"Our business had to close due to a flood and we needed help, where should we turn, how should we deal with this situation? We already knew! Having had a previous claim handled by NI Loss assessors, we contacted them immediately and as before, the outcome was very positive. I would recommend them to any company in need of a professional loss assessor that knows what the are at!"

Mike R.
"I needed help sorting our a claim after a car park incident in Newry. I was not sure where or who I should ask for advice. I rang a loss assessor was told I would have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. i looked up NI Loss Assessors and they were able to get a loss assessor to contact me within 30 min. Thats all I needed, and they made it look so easy. Thanks for your help, they never charged me a penny for the advice either!"

Kate W.
"Thanks you for all your help. I found your advice to be very useful. My claim was handled very professionally and it was a positive experience for me and my family. All damages were repaired fully and our assessor arranged everything for us."

Kitty D.
"Our chimney went on fire and did a lot of damage, we had to get a full new chimney rebuild from the ground up, the NI Loss Assessor, did all the paperwork for the claim, got a builder in to do the work and also helped us claim for some related damage. They are great!"

Business Person, Belfast
"Last year our business was flooded, we have a lot of secondary damage that only became apparent a few month later, rot, mould and an awful smell. The clean up was not done correctly and the insurance company was at fault. We re-claimed with the help of NI Loss Assessor team, and got it finally repaired back to as it was before the flood."

Elisabeth Mc.
"We suffered a break-in at our home. It was an awful experience, they destroyed our beautiful home. Our nice man from NI Loss Assessor called over and represented us with our claims. It took a lot of time to account for all the damage, but he was very patient with us and we are very grateful for his help."

Luke K.
"My son kicked a ball up on our roof and smashed two large solar water heating panels, we didn't know were we covered and were afraid of the expense fixing it. Our troubles were over as soon as we met the NI assessor. Claim done, panels fixed, all sorted quickly."

Ken L.
"I contacted NI Loss Assessors after we had an oil spill at out home. We did not know where to turn and we are very happy we found them. They had an assessor out immediately, and they simply took over for us. They got a clean up specialist company to remove the oil spill, fully. They also dealt with all the insurance implications and claims for us."

Marc G.
"We had a major subsidence issue with our property, it happened over a period of years, but we felt it was time to get it looked at. An assessor examined it with professional surveyors and put in a claim of the damage. It finally got sorted and we could not have done it without the loss assessor."

Vera O.
"A storm ripped the tiles from our roof, there was damage everywhere. An assessor come over from NI Loss Assessor and had people working on it that day! We couldn't believe how fast they work, they dealt with the insurance company and claim, thankfully."

Barbara H.
"I had a burst pipe in my apartment in Belfast, lots of damage done! I got an assessor to have a look at it and was surprised at the damage he claimed for that I would never have even considered. It pays to get professional help in a situation like this."

Mary M.
"I hurt my neck after falling in a shopping centre a few months ago. I was offered a cash settlement by the insurance company and I refused thanks to the advice of my claims manager that NI Loss Assessor put me in contact with, I got a lot more by having a good loss assessor."


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