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We have listed all the serivices that we provide for our customers in Northern Ireland. As professional loss assessors, we take great care in each and every assessment we provide. We are experts in negotiating with insurance companies and assisting people with their claims.

One of the most important things that we do as experts, is make sue that our customers get a fair and reasonable settlement for their claims.

We have huge experience in valuations of property and know what our client should be rewarded for most type claims.

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Claims Management

Stress free management of claims

Cash Settlements

We help you get cash settlements

Personal Service

We provide a hands-on approach

List of our Services

At Northern Ireland Loss Assessors, we cove a wide range of claims throughout all of Northern Ireland. No matter what type claim you may have, we have an expert at hand to assist you and make it as stress free as possible. You may be in need of emmergency accommodation or need the damage repaired by vetted tradesmen!

Dealing with insurance companies and loss assessors can be very daunting; especially when you feel traumatised by an event or situation. Our company have the experience that you need, we can help you!

Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Storm Damage

Property Damage

Domestic Claims

Commercial Claims

Impact Damage

Water damage

Recent Review
December 2016
Paul S.
"The claim I had was very complex and involved several insurance companies. It was a nightmare until I contacted NI Loss Assessor team. They really got involved and sorted out the mess for me. I have no idea how on earth I would have gone through the process without making several mistakes that were happily avoided. My advice to anyone,m is don't even think about going it alone, get an expert!"
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