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Water Damage Claims

Water Damage Claims

Dealing with insurance claims by yourself can be a daunting task.It may be worth your while hiring a loss assessor from us to assist you with your claim. We are very careful to insure that our customers get a fair settlement for their claim at all times!

When we complete a loss assessment, we then deal with the insurance company on your behalf, removing the stress from your life and helping you get what is due to you!

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Water damage Insurance claim

Dealing with water damage claims can appear to be a straightforward and sometimes they can. However, our experience and training can be of benefit to homeowners who are not aware of potential secondary damage issues, such as mould growth, long term damp issues, rot and other damaging problems. These issues can sometimes be worse than the original water damage!

Call us to discuss the problem that you have and we are sure that we can be of help.

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How to claim for water damage

The easiest method of claiming for water damage is to get a loss assessor in Northern Ireland to take a look at the damage. They will then take a look at you insurance policy and guide you through the process.

Get professional help with your water damage claim!

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Recent Review
Barbara H.
"I had a burst pipe in my apartment in Belfast, lots of damage done! I got an assessor to have a look at it and was surprised at the damage he claimed for that I would never have even considered. It pays to get professional help in a situation like this."
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