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Flood Damage Claims

Flood Damage Claims

Dealing with insurance claims by yourself can be a daunting task.It may be worth your while hiring a loss assessor from us to assist you with your claim. We are very careful to insure that our customers get a fair settlement for their claim at all times!

When we complete a loss assessment, we then deal with the insurance company on your behalf, removing the stress from your life and helping you get what is due to you!

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We as loss assessors will be on hand after you have had a flood event, to organise emergency accommodation, money, and somewhere to stay in the short term while your property is being repaired.

We will liaise with your insurer and negotiate the repairs that are required so you ensure a fair settlement. Contents damage is typically a total loss after a large scale flood, and we again will step in and act as the negotiator and allow you to get your life back on track, as these events typically take many months of negotiation by us.

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Recent Review
Business Person, Belfast
"Last year our business was flooded, we have a lot of secondary damage that only became apparent a few month later, rot, mould and an awful smell. The clean up was not done correctly and the insurance company was at fault. We re-claimed with the help of NI Loss Assessor team, and got it finally repaired back to as it was before the flood."
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