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Business Damage Claims

Business Damage Claims

When your business suffers a loss; you will need a loss assessor to help establish the level of compensation you should be claiming for to recuperate your losses. A swift outcome for a business is very important so as not to affect future ongoing business.

Most business people will know that it makes perfect sense to have an independent professional trained loss assessor in Northern Ireland assess the damage they have suffered before they make a claim.

Our business customers have saved several thousand pounds over the years by hiring an assessor through NI Loss Assessor, make sure you do too!

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Commercial Insurance Claims

NI Loss Assesor company also specialise in commercial insurance claims or business claims. Any loss of business from where a business has suffered a loss can be detrimental to that business or company.

A timely and fast outcome for any commercial claim is of the utmost importance. Our certified loss assessors in Northern Ireland are well able to deal basic and complex of claims.  Here is a brief outline of the process involved:

  • Within 24 hours our first FREE survey carried out
  • An assment of the damage to your business is carry out along with any necessary tests required.
  • Our tema is quick & effective; our main objective is to get your business reopened as soon as possible.
  • Your Insurance Company by our loss assessor on your behalf.
  • In commercial claims, we usually insist on having a Loss Adjuster on-site within 24 hours of notification.
  • A suitable appointment for the insurance loss adjuster is arranged so they can see the damage.
  • Our representative is available on site to meet the loss adjuster
  • An agreement is made with the loss adjuster on the full scope of work needed to get your property back to its pre-loss condition.
  • A claim in then compiled on your behalf under the "business interruption" element of your policy. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of this complex element!
  • We help with any necessary paperwork needed for insurers.
  • A detailed estimate is compiled a for you. This means so you do not have to acquire multiple estimates.
  • Our commercial claims expert will negotiate the best possible settlement under the terms of your policy.
  • You are always in control & the payment goes directly to you.
  • We only get paid when you have received your payment from insurers.
  • In addition, we offer 24 hour advice on project work.

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Recent Review
Balfast, November 2016
Belfast Business Person
"Our business had to close due to a flood and we needed help, where should we turn, how should we deal with this situation? We already knew! Having had a previous claim handled by NI Loss assessors, we contacted them immediately and as before, the outcome was very positive. I would recommend them to any company in need of a professional loss assessor that knows what the are at!"
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